Cavaliers off the Miami Heat Miami has suffered a three-game b

  • Cavaliers off the Miami Heat Miami, has suffered a three-game losing streak, although tonight almost became "Delong Night", in the case of James and Owen retired. Delong - Williams scored a season-high 35 points, also contributed 7 rebounds and 9 buy mt, and he also sent a career-high 10 turnovers. The last two days, knights back to back, but the two are also fierce battle to overtime. "I think we all have worked hard, it is incredible." Tyler - Lu coach after the game or affirmed the efforts of the players. However, as the defending champion, the knight must face buy mt reality is that yesterday's leading 26 buy mt into the fourth quarter was shaking reversal; today leading 11 points into the distal, have to say that they are the first party, but for two consecutive days Comeback. Yesterday against the Hawks game last two minutes the referee reported that: the referee had three whistles against the knight, but the results have been unable to change. "Now it 's too late to finish," said coach Lu. The field James and Owen round off the reasons are leg fatigue and left knee pain, and Thompson has truce four games. According to the latest news, James in the buy mt of the season may continue to break the war, Owen played doubt. In fact, in order to prepare for buy mt points nba 2k17 playoffs more physical, James since 2007 has never played in the regular season ending war.