They saw that beauty is sitting in front from the bar within th

  • Neon underneath the Tokyo more beautiful and moving, Fang Island Yingfu drove his Lin Baojiani fancy car, inside Chiyoda region of ??an intersection anticipating the green light; inside green light a moment, a red Ferrari as part of his next flying such as an arrow.

    Fang Island fans are not able to help but look, saw the Ferrari is really a long hair woman, she also side of his smile, the automobile has been out from the dust. Fang Island Yingfu observe that it is usually a handsome woman, he throttle, the automobile Kuang chase away.

    Two fancy car speeding several streets, Fang Island Yingfu see will get closer the long hair woman, view the red Ferrari direction change, in the fun bar prior to the parking lot.

    Founder Island is amongst the four small Tokyo, well-known master from the hunting, he naturally wouldn't give up the chance to get to know the wonder, so younger crowd followed to.

    Ferrari down a yellow coat, black jeans beauty, slightly cold night wind blowing her long hair. She approached the side with the island's husband's car beside his smile, the pace of brisk walking into your fun bar.

    Fang Island Yingfu played the wonder of countless, but he never met this type of valiant beauty. He immediately got off and followed the woman to the bar. One in the bar, Fang Island fans eyes swept away, they saw that beauty is sitting in front in the bar around the high stool. He walked fast and believed to the waiter: "Two servings of gold medal, a glass to the sweetness."

    She took a vino or two and gave it a drink. Fangdao Yingfu also drink, and permit the waiter again two cups. He looked over her slightly stained Qiao Lian, "beauty is very good wine, when we were drunk tonight off?" She again the wine dry, the pair of water spirit on the big eyes considered him, smiled and said: Do not confuse me, otherwise.

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