One Million Coins Squad Introduction in FIFA 18

  • As for many players who would like to spend money in the game, the squad worth one million coins is a feasible goal. Simply just using FIFA points to open packs, if you are lucky, where to buy fifa coins you can form a squad with 50 to 60 thousand FIFA points. If you have time to play the game to get reward and would like to purchase some FIFA points, it takes 30 to 40 thousand FIFA points to form a squad.

    I combine my favorite squads and the squads recommended by others. And then I summarize several practical squads, which are mainly mix-and-match squads with less shortcomings and optional attack. I mainly use the 4-3-4-1 formation, compare fifa coins prices because this is the formation with the amazing mix-and-match squad. We absolutely can adjust the formation after the game beginning and we won’t influence the chemical reactions.

    Several principles:

    Invest more coins in forwards first. Because if you have a good forward in FIFA 18, you will be a game changer. When the two players’ levels are close, the outcome of the game depends a great deal on the ability of forwards.
    Choose versatile B2B in the midfield and make sure he has good stamina. The participation must be one of MM, MH, HM and HH. If it is ML, you just pass it.
    It will be all right to choose general fullback who is not so slow and short and he is better to be over 183cm height.
    It will be good to choose goal keepers within 2000 coins. where to buy fifa coins You should try to choose a tall one with long arms. Butland and Begovic are all OP goal keepers in the last generation of FIFA.
    Tip: 1 million coins of mainframe is approximately equal to 1.4 million coins of PC.