The same type of suit in law, alcast's description.

  • The same type of suit in law, alcast's description.
    I do not know, we do not feel 1T version, the official actually secretly carved
    Guardian stone effect, wiki is the whole gold divine 7 pieces, plus thief stone plus 16% crit, but now only 11-12% (wiki seems to
    have not changed). Top two sets of DPS suits, mother'sorrow (13% crit), burning, spellwave. Between some people, some build do not
    fire, mother'sorrow (Deshan off) is the best. But in fact, Gemini completely not bad, about DPS gap 1%, and blood (trial and the
    arena is very important)
    In fact, 1% difference than you have thought, and no difference of 2%dps cat redguard horn, a difference of
    5% horn injury, seemingly no difference, but the cat sit tight in the first throne of endurance. The explosion and damage like this
    simple suit is not good for the new technique, said to lose face, I once wore hendingTESO Gold fight damage than Gemini, then cancel the
    animation to do good cohesion skills after solving
    Master of the 1% data gap, sometimes rookie 10%-20% panel gap
    As for the PVE, PvP is
    useless. Unless the team is bad, the tank is a mind, a fire, a sneer, nobody, an element that weakens, and so on, but it's a
    solution, not missing.
    Finally, talk about the trial of IA and moondancer sets. Ia wears 3. Actually, 5 would be nice, but your panel
    would be a little lower and the team would be promoted. Moondancer can not, even with buff's guards, with kena 2 can be controlled to
    maximize resources output, this is a lot of fun is strongly recommended, but still not as good as moondancer on the output 3/ia
    3+bsw/ms, especially the arena.
    Of course there are some occupation collocation, such as elegant and comfortable, necroptence
    nightsaber, sun scathing mage and so on Dragoon is good. If you do not deliberately pursue DPS,Cheap TESO Gold can have about 25K good, you can try
    Winterborn, iceheart build (alcast ice mage 300cp ice mage build, a couple can completely play in my imagination,), boxing wizards
    can not afford to buy elegant, try netch (400 electrical injury) is a good set of. There are some odd scathing such as
    mage/overwhelming+ electric fire head + Electric Fire Wand + laser build. In fact, DPS can be passed on the 25K has been passed, and
    the rest is playing build