How to buy retro bridesmaid dress skirt? Reformation wears a se

  • ​Reformation is the heart of American fashion girls, simple and pioneering. The brand also launched its own wedding dress and dress collection, which is ideal for brides who want a younger wedding style. The bridesmaid dress skirt has a lot of retro romantic and feminine style, formal wear is also quite appropriate.

    Reformation Founded by designer Yael Aflalo in 2009, supermodel Karlie Kloss is also an investor in Reformation. The brand has its own dedication and dedication to environmental protection. For example, Reformation pays great attention to the invention and application of fabrics. All the clothes are produced in small batches, ensuring that each batch of clothes can be sold without wasting resources. This also makes the brand's clothes become a state of often sold out, and people who cannot buy certainly want to own it!

    The whole series of bridesmaid dresses are very positive and retro in color, and even bright red is extremely fashionable. The bridesmaids put on such dresses and instantly raised the value of the wedding.Read more at:prom dresses uk|  short prom dresses