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  • Widow dies Cheap Cartons Of Cigarettes on operating table when surgeon tries to remove liver instead of her kidney

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    that they had not answered our questions it would have been different.

    'This was an honest mistake.'

    Retired accountant, Mrs Francis, was diagnosed with kidney cancer and was due to be treated after she had recovered from the routine surgery.

    Two senior surgeons were called to the scene and every effort was made to save Mrs Francis, but they were unsuccessful.

    David Bowen, the coroner for Gwent, said: 'Whilst undergoing keyhole surgery

    for the necessary removal of the cancerous kidney, Mrs Francis's

    liver was ruptured when it was mistakenly and unintentionally identified

    as the kidney and was catastrophically torn and damaged, resulting in


    Dr Carter said he had carried out the procedure 20 times since the death without a problem.

    Son Alan said before the inquest finished: 'We accept the decision and we also accept that Mr Carter and his team acted in good faith to prolong my mother's life.

    'We also appreciated his honesty and wish him well for the future and hope he goes on to do other successful operations.'

    Over the last 40 years, Buy Cheap Cigarettes Online the number of cases of kidney cancer has doubled in men and risen by 130 per Marlboro Menthol Cigarettes cent in women, Carton Cigarettes a trend which is believed to be linked to rising obesity figures.