How Do These People Manage To Find Me

  • Holy fucking Popeye's Biscuit, y'all, the most disturbing thing just happened. I am really scared and am thinking about calling the police to see what my chances of getting into the witness protection program are. Because I really need to be protected from what I just witnessed.

    So I'm at work right now. And since I am getting paid to do absolutely nothing right now, I Cigarettes For Sale Online have been farting around on my computer and watching cable. We don't usually have the cable connected so this is an extra special treat for me. The only thing that could make Marlboro Red Cigarettes Cheap Newport Cigarettes this job any better is if I could smoke inside. But sadly, I cannot so I have to go outside. This is an act that I am now regretting and I may never be able to smoke again Newport Carton for fear of having flashbacks of the dreaded incident that will leave me and everyone around me scarred when I freak out.

    So I just went outside for a cigarette. The house that I work in is in this pretty nice neighborhood, so it has a sweet backyard that Marlboro Menthol Cigarettes I went to smoke in. Though I was getting pretty pissed off because the next door neighbor had his back porch light on full blast and it was blinding the **** out of me. I was prepared to forgive him because he was sitting outside smoking a cigarette too and he was Marlboro Lights 100S kind of cute. The fence between yards isn't high at all so I could see him clearly so I could check him Cigarettes Wholesale out.

    And that's when things took a turn for the fucked up.