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  • With regard to so completely to the fact that recognized reports, video remain pious covered surface, and this needed to cause netizens greater hunch, as well as to the local authorities, as well as a deputy county justice of Cartons Marlboro lights the peace is down, a person's demise was pulling out of a damaged official, think is intoxicated not only so , in Might last year in dalian Xu Chun in some media reviews the news of drinking, betting has been questioned, said within the report "it is comprehended that the right woman boy alcoholic, though the body wellness, but Buy Newports Online is gambling, cigarette smoking, play computer games all day long, is actually notoriously slob. " Xu chun-ho, who was watching this news at the time, went online and left a comment, "do you have any proof that you can take money as well as gamble? Why don't you say that after which you bet and you smoke, you receive drunk, that's good, and also you're better off killing me personally with one shot. " The actual report and in February this season, the Beijing evening information reports to Xu Chun has certain discrepancy, documented according to the report, "the 82 - year - aged QuanYuShun has been raising grandchildren alone, now older along with unable to care for Newport box 100s children, aspire to find a orphanage to adopt all of them. "