Ecommerce Web Development Product Page Tips

  • If you've chosen quality e-commerce software, then your e-commerce web development program probably has a ton of great features that you may not have even considered that can help you improve your business online. Whenever you create a new product page through your e-commerce web development program, you're giving your website a brand new opportunity to make a huge impact on your site traffic and online conversions. Here are just some of the SEO features and opportunities that you can start implementing through e-commerce website development today:


    Adding Social Sharing Tools

    Everything is going “social” these days. If you want to increase your visibility online, then you want to make your content as easy to share as possible. By having social media buttons that allow users to instantly share your pages on their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest accounts, you're giving yourself the potential to reach hundreds if not thousands of untapped leads and customers that may not have otherwise been reachable.


    image source: Pexels

    Using Keyword Image Alt Tags

    By using “alt tags” for your images, you're telling the search engines exactly what that image is, thus increasing how SEO-friendly your page and image is. For example, having an image that you upload with a name that's nothing but a long string of numbers and letters isn't telling Google what that image actually is. But by adding “alt tags” to your image, you can then tell the search engines exactly what the image is (i.e. “blue dog leash”).


    Look For “Related Products” Features

    Some of the best e-commerce web development software programs out there will allow you to create and make use of a “related products” feature. What's great about this is that you can subliminally upsell or cross-sell products to your present and future customers, all without appearing pushy and intrusive. This is most often done by allowing users to add product titles as anchor text in a “related products” section, and you can then incorporate this feature into your storefront.


    Make Use Of Video

    Time and time again studies have shown that videos can help you significantly increase your sales. Take the online shoe store giant “Zappos”, for example. By implementing videos along with their products, they have not only increased their number of product sales by anywhere from 6 to 30%, but they've also decreased the number of product returns. Videos translate directly into an increase in ROI (return on investment), which is why it's incredibly important that at least the option for video is included in your e-commerce web development software.


    Include Keyword-Rich URLs

    Any e-commerce website development software should allow you to have full control over your page URLs. The URLs that you have accompanying your products is an often overlooked part of a strong SEO strategy. Though you don't need to have your URLs jammed full of keywords (nor should you ever), it is important to have some high level and descriptive keywords included in the URL for your product (i.e. brand, model, color, and/or style) to increase that page’s searchability online.