FISHNET TIGHTS : The Pink Panther

  • “ It's when you wear fishnet stockings that you catch more than herring. ” 

    - Anthony T. Hincks

    and it’s when you wear embellished fishnets that you catch more than just people’s sight. It grabs you the attention you deserve.

    The popularity of tights started significantly in the 1920’s,  thanks to the advent of flappers. Among tights, the fishnet stockings have always been just perfect for the era of high hemlines. Ever since then, fishnets have represented womanliness and femininity. Their flexible and stretchy grid-like structure makes them very comfortable to wear. Also, since they were quite revealing with very little obstruction, they could be easily paired up with shorts, dresses etc. Even iconic women such as Marilyn Monroe wore these fishnets which emphasized the curves of a woman’s body. In 2017, the fishnets have been reincarnated yet again and have been brought back to fashion by fashionista’s all around the globe. 

    Through simplicity comes great beauty and thus, brings in ultimate sophistication. Who ever thought that a regular fishnet could be transformed, in such a phenomenal way, into a gorgeous, delicate and mind blowing piece of art? With its subtle and classy look, it adds an edge to your outfits in ways that regular black fishnets are not capable of.  This nude coloured fishnet tight embellished with hand-crafted and crystal studded flowers in hues of rose & blush with a hint of pearl and ivory surrounded by a symphony of pearls provides the best imaginable charm and grandeur to give you a breath-taking and glamourous appearance.

    This is possibly the most revolutionary and innovative change brought about in fishnet stockings. To look at these shades of pink is absolute bliss. Quite evidently, this colour has always been favoured amongst women. Sporting this lovely pair of quirky and unique embellished fishnets will add just the right amount of glitter to anything you pair it up with. After all, which woman doesn’t like a little glitter and glam. Particularly something in pink, it is to die for! 

    Accessorize your outfit with this pair of decadent embellished fishnets and be the one to wow people with your chic look when you step out.

    Details :

    • Material: Nylon Spandex
    • The material has ample stretch.
    • One-size
    • This is a delicate product, handcrafted to perfection and made to order.

     Price : Rs. 3299 ( available at a discounted price of 2299 for a limited period offer)

    Link for the product :           

    Style advice :

    1. You could be rocking a denim short with these incredible statement fishnet tights paired up with a simple top, preferably in pink or white, along with your favourite heels.
    2. You can adorn this pair of tights by having them peeking out from the high slit of a long , sweeping hemline dress.
    3. Otherwise, you can always pull it off with a short, soft coloured dress, looking absolutely fabulous.
    4. Pair it up with a mini skirt to add a splash of colour to the outfit.

    Add your amazing own take to the classic look.

    1. None the less, you can mix and match contrasting fashionable patterns, go crazy and come up with brilliant and dazzling outfits to pair up these tights with.