How to Get 24/7 Coverage with NOC Support Services?

  • A network operations center or NOC is a integrated location where IT support experts can organize, monitor and maintain client networks.

    Many managed IT service providers (MSP) use these centers to ensure 24/7 uptime for all of their clients. An MSP maintains an internal NOC, outsources a third-party provider, or chooses a mixed solution; nevertheless, NOC services, tasks and responsibilities stay the same.

    24/7 NOC Support Services alert monitoring service is reasonably priced and will meet your exact business requirements” – We understand that you may not need 24 by 7 coverage and the higher costs associated with that, hence you do not need the full-fledged service as you have a fulltime in-house team to take care of your MSP requirements. However at the same time your MSP do not work 24 by 7 and you only get to the alerts the next day morning, alerts that are pending from a night before, sometimes leading to extended downtime for your customers. “Typically in this situation 24/7 hours NOC Support Services support would be a perfect fit to meet your business requirements and maximise uptime for your customers”.

    How To Handle 24/7 Coverage with NOC Support Services.

    If you are looking for someone to monitor alerts during your off production/off business hours, 24/7 NOC support  Services will be the right solution. With 24/7 NOC support services you not only have the feasibility to monitor servers 24 by 7 but also know the fact that a capable and dedicated team is taking care of alerts whilst you are away.

    Do you need 24/7 Support?

    It seems logical that you do, because you really don’t know when your clients are working. This is especially true when your clients are small businesses, and the owners are engaged at all hours in their work. And there’s a lot of businesses that never sleep — healthcare and not to mention RMMs that can send you an alert at any time of day or night.

    There is certainly a case to be made that 24/7 is not a requirement, especially for a Help Desk. Most calls come in during business hours, and the majority in the morning. To an extent, this reflects that businesses are acculturated to simply dealing with their Help Desk issues during normal business hours, so if that’s what SMBs want, then it begs the question as to if the incremental costs associated with 24/7 Help Desk coverage are worth the incremental gains?

    What about NOC?

    The network operations center (NOC) is a true 24/7 business. This level of coverage is more mission-critical than basic Help Desk coverage. If you’re big enough, you can build your own, but this is by no means an economically viable option for every MSP.

    Put it in Writing

    When it comes to 24/7 coverage, it cannot be stressed enough that you need to specify in your SLAs what clients can expect from you. If you promise 24/7, you need to say that. If you only do normal business hours, then you need to specify that, too. If there are added costs to 24/7, make sure you build that into the price.


    For smaller companies, there are a few different approaches that people use. The owner/senior tech is usually designated as the person on call. In some cases, a company with excellent documentation can have a more junior person rotate into the on-call schedule.

    In fact, having great documentation that allows you to resolve issues more quickly and it will reduce the amount of time spent on after hours calls, and increase the number of techs you trust to handle them. It’s important to have some redundancy built into the system in case your main go-to isn’t available for whatever reason, or if two clients have issues at the same time (rare, but it happens).

    Benefits of Our After Hours Support:-

    • Complete Peace of Mind. You can rely on us and can provide complete coverage to your customers 24 by 7 even whilst you are away.
    • Maximize uptime for your customers.
    • Your team will have to run through fewer tickets when they are back at office.
    • Flexible and customized service levels and customer satisfaction.
    • Flexibility to choose any 12 hours of the day.


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