Facebook Bans Accounts Associated with the Proud Boys Group

  • Recently Facebook has started banning accounts and pages which are associated with the Proud Boys. It is an extremist group whose members assaulted protestors in New York City during the month of October. The news came in light when the members of the Proud Boys and adjacent online communities started complaining about the takedowns of their accounts on Twitter. For detailed information, you can contact Facebook support number.

    Facebook confirmed it to the Business Insider that they are banning The Proud Boys as well as founder Gavin McInnes from both the Facebook and Instagram in accordance with Facebook’s rules against hate groups.

    This group has also shown its violent behavior against protestors of President Donald Trump and other members of the right. The members have also been involved in the political violence in the US.

    The takedown by Facebook started after the Proud Boy attacked protestors during an event in New York in October. The members of the Proud Boys group shouted homophobic slurs and beat and kicked protestors present there. After this around five Proud Boys members have been arrested.

    The Proud Boys group was founded by Gavin McInnes. He is one of the co-founders of media organization ‘Vice’ and describes the members as ‘Western Chauvenists’. The group has been designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, an extremist watchdog organization. The Proud Boys group has also initiated physical violence against left-wing antifascists.

    Jason Kessler, one of the organizers of the 2017 " Unite the Right" which is a white- supremacist rally in Charlottesville saw a protester killed who was reportedly a member of the Proud Boys group.

    Facebook has also reported that their team is continuously studying trends in organized hate as well as hate speech and they also work with partners to understand the hate organizations in a better way.

    They ban these organizations and individuals from the Facebook platform and also remove all praise and support when they are aware of it. They will continue to review content, Pages, and people that violate their policies and will take action against hate speech and hate organizations to help to keep the community safe.

    Now some of the major Proud Boys groups are offline including more than 20000 members. You can also contact Facebook support if you have any issues with your Facebook account.