RuneScape Free weekend begin on Nov.24 2

  • So what has made the cut? New raids are incoming. So is an entirely extra quarter to the sport world. Kemp also announced that Old School is heading full-steam into e-sports. New game modes and new rules are throughout the way in addition to 10 or maybe more hosted PvP tourneys. Each season finishes served with a $10,000 tournament. The first tournament is slated with the OSRS Gold Easter weekend.

    Part within the wedding involved the premier in the 90 minute documentary about the life of RuneScape. Although it isn’t available for your general public quite yet, I am sure most fans will should visit this.

    There’s history within the very beginning — we’re talking way back as soon as the Gower brothers first dabbled in story and programming as kids — along with a reveal in the iconic player containing been shrouded in mystery for a long period. Watch the trailer here, then keep your eyes peeled for your full release. At