RuneScape Makers To Host 24 Hour Gaming Marath

  • RuneScape maker Jagex Games Studio passed along word this morning so it plans to host a 24-hour marathon in support on the games charity SpecialEffect’s inaugural GameBlast weekend. The challenge are going to Buy OSRS Gold be held at Jagex’s Cambridge, England headquarters. Jagex staff and selected members in the RuneScape community plays RuneScape and Ace of Spades over the 24-hour period. The event may also be live-streamed throughout via a state RuneScape and Ace of Spades twitch.television stations, that could also include interviews while using RuneScape team of developers.

    During that same period of time Jagex is going to be running in-game events within RuneScape. Following a recent player vote, there will likely be Double XP for players through the GameBlast weekend.

    The Well of Goodwill, which saw players raise hundreds and hundreds of dollars for the number of charities with the end of 2013, can even re-open to get a short time. Players will likely be able to get a virtual GameBlast tunic for his or her avatars, with all of proceeds donated to SpecialEffect. At