Good Performance of 532nm Green Line Laser Module

  • It is never a hard job for users to make super precise line alignment out of your hand reaching distance. However, until I get the selection of 532nm green line laser module, it always shows its superiority of 532nm green DPSS laser tech, which is always efficient enough to get highly bright and visible green reference line in distance. Under the condition that users are getting full consideration of its environmental stabilization and thermal emitting system, green laser module is always getting super stable and reliable green reference line targeting in distance.

    Comparing with a very simple square meter, green line laser module is always featured by its high brightness laser beam emission. For instance, someone of laser amateurs has just selected a green laser pointer to make presentation, which is always able to generate highly visible green laser beam as long as 2 kilometers. However, under condition that users are getting the selection of green laser line generator, once it is being used for industrial line alignment work, it is very important for users to make full control of exact line alignment work distance.
    From the very beginning design of green line laser module, it is designed with the best work distance of 3 meters. In practical line measuring work, within wide range output power of 5mW to 100mW, green laser beam is visible at very longer distance. However, it is still important to pay attention to desired line alignment distance. Not the same as a very simple dot projecting tool of green laser pointer, green laser line generator projects even more complex green laser beam in type of a highly straight green alignment laser line.
    Instead of the selection of plastic coated lens, 532nm green line laser module is always equipped with qualified glass cylindrical lens or separate crystal lens. This line laser alignment tool is always efficient enough to keep high linear quality. For the most important of all, green laser module gets extremely high laser beam transmittance. Even though green laser line alignment is processed at quite long distance, however, green laser line has no appearance of laser light dim or blur.
    There are always working places where human hands cannot reach easily, however, green line laser alignment has just shown its superiority in constant line positioning work. Noncontact green laser line is just an accessory part of those of industrial machine or device, which can be installed on any vertical or horizontal working surfaces easily. It always has low labor force and low relying on professional skills. After alignment laser line is properly adjusted, it can easily get quite satisfied line positioning result excellently.