Quick Working 100mW Red Laser Diode Module

  • In current industrial machinery processing works, there are always a lot of work places where users are in need of quite accurate and rapid dot alignment. It is not a joke, but users should try to select a quite professional dot measuring tool so as to assure no mistake and high efficiency dot alignment as expected. As a result, more and more users are beginning to seek help from the most advanced laser diode tech, and making use of high power 100mW red laser diode module so as to get make great and no mistake laser dot measurement for those of long work distance and high lighting working fields.
    Comparing with very simple sticker or laser pointer, the use of 100mW red laser diode module is quite easy and convenient. It is keeping super long work distance red laser beam emission after its lighting up and red laser beam might be observed with several miles far away. However, even though red laser alignment gets low laser beam divergence, however, red laser dot still becomes a larger size laser dot quite long distance. The practical dot aligning work by this laser diode module should be properly controlled within 25 meters.
    Owing to its quite higher output power emission, this 100mW red laser diode module is just designed with even larger size laser tube diameter of 26mm. When there is larger inner space reserving as its metal heat sink cooling system, it is just able to make sure of its efficient thermal emitting. Together with its quite nice designed aluminum alloy housing and copper raw material made 650nm red laser diode, in process of longer term continuous laser dot alignment work, red laser module is just getting the most wonderful thermal conductivity, making sure of highly reliable red alignment laser dot targeting within 8 hours to 10 hours in use.
    On basis of the most important design of APC driving circuit, even though 100mW red laser diode module gets super rapid laser tube temperature increasing in process of long term continuous laser dot alignment work, the intelligent feedback system still keeps constant output power and electric current supply, making sure of its reliable red alignment laser dot targeting all the time. In order to avoid eye exposure to powerful red laser light and laser reflection, it is a necessity for users to remember to wear a pair of laser safety goggles until getting the most secured red dot targeting effectively.