650nm Glass Lens Red Laser Diode Module

  • Once users are required to make dot alignment at different working surface, it is just becoming a quite hard work for users until getting proper selection of high brightness 650nm red laser diode module. It is a very different experience for users to make dot alignment since its operation just gets no obvious limitation of real work distance, height and any other working environments. Usually this laser dot alignment tool is keeping super bright and visible red laser beam emission, within its quite wide range output power from 5mW to 100mW, it is just able to make super clear and quick dot alignment at various work distances.

    The use of red laser diode module is quite easy. Although you are not much knowing about laser diode tech, however, only according to quite short term treatment, users are able to operate it easily. According to real work distance and any other surrounding working environment, users can make correct choice of output power. Once the selecting output power is as high as 100mW, it is just able to work at quite long distance. However, this dot laser alignment is a very formal TM00 laser beam mode, once targeting distance is quite longer, red laser dot might become large, not ideal for users to get clear enough dot alignment as expected.

    Within its quite wide range output power, this red laser diode module is still allowing operation within maximum work distance at 25 meters. In addition, owing to the good equipment of a glass coated lens, equipped with its import 650nm red laser diode, this red laser alignment is keeping super high photoelectric transmittance, thus the real dot alignment gets no appearance of laser light decay. At the same time, comparing with formally diode made dot laser, this 650nm red laser module is getting super higher laser beam stability, which is at least 40% higher than formal lasers.

    No matter what kind of industrial precise machinery processing work fields, this 650nm red laser diode module is always keeping high stability dot alignment. It gets the most important equipment of APC driving circuit board, which has just made this alignment laser obtain constant output power and electric current, no affect by constant improving temperature of laser tube. Under condition that users are using high power red laser module to make dot alignment at quite long work distance, in order to avoid hurt by powerful laser radiation and avoid eye exposure, it is just a good issue for user to wear a pair of laser safety goggles until getting secured dot alignment effectively.