532nm Glass Coated Lens Green Laser Diode Module

  • If users are not confident enough to get clear enough dot alignment at quite long work distance, it is just not a good job for user to still make use of very simple laser pointer, sticker or your own finger. On contrary, owing to constant work on practical used laser device, laser tech engineer has just developed even more advanced dot alignment tool such as a green laser diode module. On condition that user are making correct selection of output power and proper adjustment of laser beam focus, concentrated green laser light just converts into a quite compact size green reference dot, which is making great work for users to get clear and no mistake dot alignment on various targeting surfaces effectively.

    The use of laser dot alignment tool is quite different from manual dot targeting tool, it is not seriously limited by real work distance, height and other working environments etc. For instance, once dot alignment is processed for targeting positioning or measurement in military targeting work, green laser diode module would not only be used at quite long work distance, but also be applied in multiple working environments. From the beginning design of this dot laser alignment tool, it is just adopting durable aluminum alloy housing material, it is not only assuring quite nice thermal emitting, but also getting wonderful and stable dot alignment under occasion mechanical shocking, calibration, or moving in continuous dot alignment work.

    Inside the tube of 532nm green laser diode module, owing to the special equipment of qualified glass coated lens no matter what kind of working surface, it is always keeping super high laser beam transmittance. Even though green laser dot is pointed at quite long work distance, however, there is still no appearance of laser light decay or blur in long term or long distance dot alignment work. Users can always make quite simple screw of laser beam aperture part, high intensity green laser beam is temporarily focused, and finally obtain a quite small size green reference dot in use.

    Under condition that users are making dot alignment at different work distance, users can always seek the assistance from a laser alignment mounting bracket, which has just made green laser diode module easily installed on any required machine or device. Even though there might be some of working places where human hands cannot reach, however, noncontact green alignment laser dot is allowing very easy adjusted within three dimensions, thus it is just a quite easy job for users to get clear enough dot alignment on any working surface. At the same time, under condition that users are paying high attention to powerful green laser light and remember to wear a pair of laser safety glasses, users can easily get high security dot alignment all the time.