High Speed Working Blue Line Laser Module

  • No matter what kind of line targeting work fields, every one of users might get different requirement of line accuracy, such as different line thickness, line length, work distance and working environment etc. It is just not an easy job for users to select a proper line measurement tool until getting the selection of blue line laser module. The real laser line alignment is just getting wide selections of both output power and optic lens degree. Whenever this laser line generator is getting different laser beam fan angle, it is just generating different line length and line thickness, always making sure of super clear and bright blue reference line targeting in various kinds of industrial precise machinery processing works.

    According to its compact size design with tube diameter of only 16mm, this blue line laser module is always easily installed on any industrial machine or device. There is no obvious limitation of work distance, height, and other working environments etc. It is used as an accessory part for a laser showing system, laser displaying device, military targeting weapon etc. Owing to its compact structure design, and electric wires connection both blue laser module and DC input power supply, this laser line generator is always easily installed within quite wide range work distance of 3 meters. Although some of working surface is quite difficult to reach, however, this small size laser line generator is operated without any obvious barrier, but just making sure of high speed and high straightness blue reference line targeting easily.

    According to the assistance of a DC input power supply, this blue line laser module is not only able to get constant electric current supply to support its long term line alignment, but also saving a lot of space as its metal heat sink cooling system. This line laser alignment tool is very easy to be installed on any industrial device, thus it is just taking less than one second time to make clear blue reference line targeting easily.

    Within the maximum work distance of 25 meters, blue line laser module is easily obtaining a clearly visible blue laser line all the time. At the same time, on condition that users are trying to make sure of high security line alignment, it is very important for users to wear a pair of laser safety goggles so as to get secured line targeting all the time. Users should always try to wear proper 445nm wavelength preventing laser safety goggles until getting good line aligning performance perfectly.