Reliable Aligning of Blue Crosshair Laser Module

  • If there is no obvious solution for users to get clear enough cross line alignment at quite long work distance, it is always a very challenge work for users until getting the selection of blue crosshair laser module. Not the same as any other manual cross line drawing work such as a triangular board or blocking board, without spending extra time on positioning work, the use of blue laser module is just very easy and convenient. This blue laser module is also getting quite easy connect with an extra electric power source of DC input power supply and quite nice designed cooling system, it is able to work with highly stable cross line targeting in long term use.

    The genuine work with blue crosshair laser module is very similar with a blue laser pointer, however, it is just generating even more complex laser beam in type of two perpendicular lines within accurate 90 degrees. According to the technical innovation with glass coated lens with different lens degree of 10, 15 and 110 degree, this blue cross line laser module is generating different line length from 0.5 meter to 6 meters. The real cross line alignment work is also allowing free choice of optic lens degree until getting the most satisfied cross line targeting as expected.

    Within its beginning high power of 50mW to 100mW, blue crosshair laser module is always workable for quite long distance and high lighting working occasion. It is getting quite small dimension of tube diameter of only 16mm, thus it is always very easy to carry, operate and adjust. Owing to its quite high power, in process of long term cross line alignment work, blue laser module tube temperature might increase seriously. However, the application of metal heat sink cooling system and APC driving circuit board are just making great job for users to obtain constant blue vertical and horizontal blue laser lines stably.

    Anytime users are trying to make cross line targeting with this blue crosshair laser module, it is always used as an accessory part of any other machine or device. Noncontact blue cross line source is also getting no obvious limitation of work distance, height and other working environments as well. At the same time, this high power cross laser alignment tool is just being used as a professional tool, but not being used for formal presentation or burning experiment. This blue laser module is just allowing operation by skilled users or professionals, under condition that users are paying high attention to powerful blue laser light and remember to wear a pair of laser safety goggles, this alignment laser just gets no danger work all the time.