Easy Measuring 445nm Blue Laser Diode Module

  • If there is no other good method for users to get clear enough dot alignment out of your hand reaching, it is just a quite nice job for users to seek assistance from a high power 445nm blue laser diode module. It is just employing super high power 445nm blue laser diode as its laser beam emitting source, anytime it is keeping direct blue laser beam emission from its internal 445nm blue laser diode directly, it is just getting even more stable and reliable blue reference dot targeting than similar color beam 473nm blue DPSS laser system. When blue laser module is properly selected its output power and adjusted its laser beam focus, the concentrated blue alignment laser dot is easily bringing users no mistake and high speed dot alignment on all targeting surfaces effectively.

    The whole process of dot alignment with 445nm blue laser diode module is quite similar with a laser pointer. however, a simple alkaline battery power source is far more enough. Owing to its employment of high power 445nm blue laser diode with high power range from 50mW to 100mW, the real dot alignment is just supported by quite higher operating voltage of 4.2V DC input power supply. It is able to make easy and rapid blue reference dot targeting on different working surfaces after easy adjustment of laser dot targeting direction.

    For the most important of all, blue laser diode module is getting the employment of qualified glass coated lens, although it is being used for quite long work distance, it is still assuring clear enough dot targeting as expected. In process of long distance or long term use, although this blue laser module is available with quite compact size structure, much smaller than a 473nm blue DPSS laser system, however, it is still getting quite nice thermal emitting and keeping stable dot alignment. Once users are looking for high work efficiency and low production dot aligning solution, this blue dot laser alignment is just the preferred choice for users.

    Owing to its necessary part of APC driving circuit board and metal heat sink cooling system, blue dot laser alignment is always assuring constant output power and electric current supply in long term use. Anytime users are trying to make dot targeting, users can also seek assistance from a laser alignment mounting bracket, allowing free adjustment of laser dot targeting direction within three dimensions until bringing users the most satisfied dot alignment as expected. Anytime users are paying high attention to powerful blue laser light and avoid eye exposure with a pair of laser safety goggles, this high power alignment laser assures safe dot measurement effectively.