Adjusted Fineness 50mW 635nm Red Line Laser Module

  • Whenever line alignment is processing onto various working surfaces, including other complex working environments, it is a very special experience to make use of a 50mW 635nm red line laser module. It generates the purest red laser light directly from 635nm red laser diode. When it gets the lowest laser beam divergence of less than 1mrad and special laser beam mode of TEM00, either it is adopting qualified glass coated lens or separate crystal lens, this laser line generator is assuring high linear quality and highly fine red reference line with various line lengths and finenesses. Only after its proper selection and installation, it makes easy and accurate line indication onto any vertical or horizontal surfaces effectively.
    The usual use of 50mW 635nm red line laser module would have to continue for quite long time. It should have to perform much better than simple red laser pointer. In continuous red line alignment work, it makes basic use of inner metal heat sink cooling system inside durable aluminum alloy housing tube. Within wide range operating temperature of -10 degree to 45 degree Celsius, this laser line generator is keeping work with highly intense red laser light emission and highly clear red reference line projection at long work distance. Owing to its superior nice thermal conductivity, whatever kind of working surface it is pointing, it is not affecting by working environments, but always keeping highly stable and reliable red line alignment under multiple application fields.
    Under operation of durable structure of aircraft used aluminum alloy housing tube, 50mW 635nm red line laser module enables convenient installation and adjustment, thus projecting a highly clear red reference line onto any vertical or horizontal surface. In addition, according to basic measurement and experiment of technical data, after correct selection of optic lens fan angle, this laser line generator makes highly precise and fine line indication onto desired working surfaces. Unless it is pointing under sunlight, it is able to make satisfied line measuring result within the maximum work distance of 25 meters and high lighting occasions as well.
    Without any barrier of long distance, high height and other hard reaching places, 50mW 635nm red line laser module enables the most convenient use with the assistance of a laser alignment mounting bracket. Within the maximum installed distance of 3 meters, noncontact red alignment laser line is easy to reach any working surface, and making quite satisfied line aligning results for both high tech and industrial laser line alignment works. After quite easy screw of adjustable focus optic lens, after immediate red laser light concentration, this high power red laser line generator achieves the most satisfied line measuring results. Only after high attention to laser safety issue and correct wearing of laser safety goggles, it ensures safe and easy measurement constantly.