Good Optical System of Green Laser Line Generator

  • In quite long distance line positioning work fields, it is no longer realistic for users to get clear and accurate line drawing with simple manual line drawing tools. Manual line drawing is only workable for hand reaching work distance, while can still not assure its precise and accurate enough line alignment result as expected. In order to get quite satisfied line positioning result, more and more users are preferring to choose advanced green laser line generator. Available with wide wavelengths selection of 515nm, 520nm and 532nm, this laser line module is always efficient enough to get high precision and high accuracy line alignment clearly.

    The operation of green laser line generator is mainly workable for line positioning work in laser cutting machine, textile garment processing, industrial inspection and laser car wheel alignment works etc. In various industrial precise device manufacturing works, users can try to install this laser line module on desired machine or device. It can be easily installed on any vertical or horizontal working surface, easily getting bright and visible enough green alignment laser line positioning result as expected.
    Within wide range output power of 5mW to 100mW, green laser line generator is always making great work for all lighting working occasions. Even though laser line alignment is worked at quite longer work distance, however, import laser diode made laser line alignment tool is just able to get clear and bright enough laser line positioning as expected. Once green laser line targeting is processed during daytime, unless line alignment is pointed under sunlight, this green line laser module is just able to get ideal line positioning result as expected.
    Once green laser line generator is being used in quite harsh working environment, it would have to bear super lower or higher operating temperature. According to its adoption of durable anodized aluminum alloy housing material, in constant laser line alignment work, green laser module just gets superior thermal conductivity, allowing quite wide range operating temperature stabilization. However, when operating temperature is much lower than expected, it is necessary for users to make about 30 seconds preheating of green laser module so as to get bright enough green reference line targeting in distance.
    When users are trying to install this green laser line generator on any industrial machine or device, it should never be operated as a kidding work. Users should know basic laser safety measures and active laser measuring rules so as to get accurate enough line alignment as expected. Only if users are trying to choose correct output power and laser lens degree, this industrial alignment laser line just gets the best line measurement result efficiently.