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  • These kinds of rumors always need to be dealt with carefully, though.According to the group's findings so far, legendaries are connected to Dragon Ball Z Online, as code for a legendary-class Dragon Ball Z games ticket - that is, the item used to participate in these co-op challenges - and badges tied to winning against legendary Dragon Ball Anime have been found in the files.Although Dragon Ball Online is doing away with camera cuts altogether, there will be certain instances when the game will point players to look in a particular direction by giving them a "nudge," so to speak, in order to have them view what the developers wish to be seen during a certain moment.

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    We know most of the high level ideas behind the big update, but there are still lots of details and secrets to figure out.As seen in the tweet exchange below involving Majin on Twitter, a fan asked him if Anime game's decision to not bring him back for the Game Dragon Ball Online was based on the same reasoning it didn't ask Majin to take up the mantle of Dragon Ball games again, which could be related to the company wanting to hire non-union actors.Part of the recent Dragon Ball Z Online datamine, courtesy of Dragon Ball Z Online, digs into some of the new badges coming to the PC game.

    The former creative director of the Dragon Ball anime series, is on board as the creative director of this new project.However, a recent rumor suggests the game could take place between Dragon Ball Z game Online and Dragon Ball game and would follow a character who dodged the military draft of the Anime Online game and embedded himself among in the criminal underworld.

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