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  • Patek Philippe 2016 Basel Watch Exhibition

    At the Baselworld Baselworld 2016, Patek Philippe repllica launched a number of new debuts, further enriching the brand's current collection of watches. The exhibits include a commemorative watch celebrating the 20th anniversary of the birth of Patek Philippe's best-selling global calendar, several newly developed complication watches, and a number of re-interpreted classic watches. The collectors and enthusiasts of the watch crafts are cheering again.

    Rare combination, the much anticipated Ref. 5930

    Fans, collectors and connoisseurs of mechanical timepieces will surely cherish the Patek Philippe World Time Chronograph Ref. 5930. It features a Patek Philippe World Time patented device and a self-winding chronograph movement with a round white gold case with hand-carved lines at the center of the blue dial.

    The blue disc on the outermost circle of the watch is marked with 24 city names, and each city represents a time zone. Adjacent to it is a chronograph dial with a scale accurate to a quarter of a second. The 24-hour scale ring with bright/dark areas and sun/moon logo also indicates day/night of world time. Like all of Patek Philippe's World Time watches, the chronograph's dark blue dial is accented with beautiful hand-carved lines.hyt watch

    The 22nd member of the Ref. 5396 watch

    The annual watch Ref. 5396, commemorating the 20th anniversary of the birth of the annual calendar in an elegant manner (its success began with the Ref. 5035 calendar in 1996 at the Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show. After a few months, it was selected as The "Best Watch of the Year"). Since then, the annual watch has launched 21 styles, with a variety of dial-style platinum, gold, white gold and rose gold watches, and the women's diamond-set watch with mother-of-pearl dial is even more eye-catching. Today, the new Ref. 5396 is the 22nd member of the collection.

    Ref. 7122 watch for women's endorsement

    The Calatrava “Eternal White” Ref. 7122 watch for women's slim wrists is for women. The white dial reflects the eternal beauty, and the innovative gem setting process makes the white diamond more dazzling, and the exquisite case design is its charm.

    The Calatrava series “Eternal White” Ref. 7122 combines traditional features with pioneering innovations. The luxury replica watches's round case design dates back to the first Calatrava watch in 1932, reflecting the classic heritage; the diamonds set in it, and the lugs that extend across the bezel to the edge of the mirror, are also innovative. The left and right sides of the bezel are tapered, inlaid with diamonds of different sizes and crystal clear, naturally extending to a narrow area, the appearance is naturally beautiful. The selection process for diamonds is particularly difficult. A selection of 44 white brilliant-cut diamonds weighing approximately 0.52 carats (still echoing the “eternal white” theme) is a treasure.

    Patek Philippe Complex King Ref. 6300

    In addition, the king of the complex in the Patek Philippe regular series watch officially changed hands this year. The new and unique masterpiece Ref. 6300, with 20 complex functions including 5 timekeeping functions, has become the new king in the regular series. The case is embellished with hand-carved Parisian ribbed patterns, which are distinguished from the limited edition 7-piece white gold case with a hand-carved limited edition master string watch Ref. 5175.

    The new Patek Philippe Master Strings Ref. 6300 features an 18K white gold case with a hand-carved Parisian stud pattern with a flipping device between the lugs. The dial is black on one side, with a white transfer scale and white gold hands and hour markers. It is also decorated with hand-carved Parisian studs. The other side is white with black scales and hands. This watch features a black alligator strap and a white gold folding clasp.

    Ref. 5230, a classic that keeps pace with the times

    Due to political motives, the official city name of the World Time Zone has been revised, and the time zone scale of the World Time Watch needs to be adjusted accordingly. Patek Philippe took the opportunity to re-enact the dial and case of the World Time watch, and the new Ref. 5230 replica watch for sale came into being, replacing all previous World Time watches. This change also provides a great opportunity for Patek Philippe to redesign the delicate case, dial and hands.