• Zenith El Primero A386 Revival Watch Armed

    The 50th Anniversary of Zenith's El Primero made it clear that some of them couldn't make a tribute, respectful substitution or as a true force,high quality replica watches, they obviously like their name, revival. The Zenith El Primero A386 Revival is available in three limited edition models and is part of the 50th anniversary of one of the best computer chronographs ever produced. Only 18 carats of gold are available.

    On the front side, a total of 150 items, each wrapped and priced in a completely different stable gold alloy, can be quite ridiculously guaranteed; however, it is the delightful of the first El Primero model "resurrection" in 1969. factor. The real challenge here is that, from any point of view, we will see some unrestricted, competitive products metal tribute El Primero's unique ~1969 version – I am sure to say that we There are a large number of followers around the world who pay tribute to Zenith and pay tribute to their unique 5 Hertz chronograph.

    The A386 exudes the fashion of the 1970s - of course, everyone knows that it debuted in 1969, but its flat, angular lugs, unobstructed crown and piston putter, hemispherical crystal, 38 mm in diameter The design of the diameter and unshaded dashed lines may be a case study of many 70's watch aesthetics. As I mentioned, this case study is almost entirely made of 18okay platinum, 18okay rose gold and 18okay gold. Except for some exceptions related to case suppliers, I can't consider why this is an essential stability motivation.

    El Primero has a wide fan base around the world, so if you want to bother their thoughts and make them really annoyed, then the all-gold limited edition watch, which is priced at just $19,900, is a proven method. . I hope that the stainless steel model will return after 12 months, although I can't understand why splitting these launches may be crucial. Stubborn collectors can pick up these three references anytime, anywhere - collectors, and each collector is ready to use the same amount as a cannonball short-selling privilege. Metal Daytona.

    Before we reach the specification, I should add that we don't need a tribute to the neatness, availability, and reasonable price, so that we are unique: El Primero Authentic 1969 – a modern version that is one of many unique references, regardless of its name. It has been in the manufacturing field for many years and is considered to be one of my favorite watches all the time; of course, in my "list of watches I should get", this is very excessive. You may be here to learn my assessment of the metal model and watch my video evaluation here (there are now more than 128,000 views, which confirms the popularity of this work).

    Two important issues to note: First, the Authentic 1969 case is completely different from the A386 angular case - if you are a purist, it is a dangerous message, if you want a perfect match between the curve and the wrist, then it is a good news.

    Secondly, since I evaluated it, Zenith has made a negligible replacement to replace Authentic in 1969: now, the three sub-diales overlap in the proper order. In the reference book I reviewed, its 6 o'clock register overlaps with the opposite two clocks, and the current bibliography (03.2150.400 / 69.C713) is in the correct order.

    The A386 has a long lug and a diameter that is much larger than the recommended diameter of 38mm, which is a feat of the magnificent dial components. Gold seems to be valuable because it should commemorate such a remarkable anniversary - it can't explain the deficiencies of the metal model, but the A386 actually looks incredible on this timeless material. The 18kt white gold model is the most exposed of all models, while the rose gold model is the most recent contact.

    The interior of the movement is El Primero 400, without vibration, for a total of 278 parts, apparently the same as the one used in the different but wider iterations of the series.replica swiss watches, I believe that the gold rotor or other delicate components will be the celebration of this sport. Despite this, it operates at 5 Hz with 50 hours of backup power, with an instantly recognizable El Primero structure with a horizontal clutch (larger and smaller brass wheels under the Zenith star in the picture above) And cylindrical wheel. The horizontal clutch will cause the chronograph second hand to malfunction because the horizontally aligned wheels are pressed together - this is one of the things I defined in the better elements of the evaluation linked above.

    El Primero's calibre is incredible and deserves a detailed analysis - probably devoted to it throughout the weekend - and actively provides many important phrases that are beyond our understanding. My favorite indicator of excellence in engineering is all the completely different changes that have occurred: as shown above, we have now seen tourbillons, sirens and even minute repeaters, all based on El Primero, with an intact internal structure. Lossless. Oh, it added momentum to Rolex Daytona, because the 4030 movement fell awkwardly to 4 Hz.

    Zenith El Primero A386 Revival has an honest, flattering tribute to its uniqueness, even though its own imposed usability limitations may make the model's collectors and followers uneasy – it should be easily corrected by non-restrictive metal models This issue was introduced. The Zenith El Primero A386 Revival is available in 18okay white gold, rose gold and gold.BREMONT KINGSMAN replica watches