5 Tips to Save Money on Your Move

  • Moving with loads of goods can be extremely stressful event. Hence, it is important to hire professional Movers and Packers, who can eliminate the stress and make it a fun chore for you. But, hiring professional Moving Company for home shifting services in India can cost you a lot. Not everyone can hire and move with professional movers as they cannot afford them. But, there are some tricks that you can use to reduce moving expenses and save money on your move. Here are the amazing tips that can help you to save money: -


    Moving with loads of goods means more expenses. The weight of your belongings will increase the moving company fees or charges. This means more the goods, higher the moving expenses will be. Hence, you should discard the goods that are no more in use. It is also good to sell the furniture just to avoid heavy lifting. This way you can reduce the overall shifting cost by discarding a few of your household items.

    Sell or Donate Things

    The goods that you don’t want to take along with you in your new home, should be either sold or donated to charity. Selling the goods will help you to make money, which you can use for other moving expenses. You can sell furniture, crockeries, antique home decors, etc. or you can ask any Non-Profit Organization to come and pick up the goods you want to donate like old clothes, winter wears, food, etc.

    Use Newspaper for Packing Fragile

    Bubble wrap prevent your fragile items from breaking but, this can cost you a lot. So, by using newspaper instead of bubble wrap you can save a lot. You can put lots of newspaper in the boxes to provide enough cushioning for all the fragile items. You can also use your old small blankets and towels to wrap and pack the fragile items, which will prevent them from breaking.

    Arrange Moving Boxes

    To pack and move your belongings you will need boxes along with many other packaging materials. But, buying can cost you a lot. So, you can try to arrange the moving boxes as much as you can. There are many vendors that keep carton boxes, which can be used to carry some of your belongings. You can ask them to provide you some of the boxes. If your friends have recently went through the process then, you can ask them to give you boxes, if they have.

    Compare Estimates to Hire Movers and Packers

    Finding a reliable and affordable Moving Company in India can be a tough job but, this can be done by comparing the estimates. You can get moving quotes from any reliable online moving portals at free of cost. With multiple estimates you can compare Packers and Movers rates and charges and hire the right packers and movers rates in Pune that best fits your budget.

    Follow these tips and you will find that how much money you have saved on your move. Relocation is neither an easy task nor a cheap event. So, you will have to prepare in advance in order to ease your move and follow the above tips to save money on move.