Basic Rights of Yours as a Renter in Bangalore

  • Finally you have decided to move in Bangalore but, still hunting for a good rental property in Bangalore? Well, you can search online for the best rental properties in Bangalore just like you have booked your packers and movers in Bangalore through online portals. There are many websites, where people list their properties they want to rent out. So, from there you can know the size of the property as well as the rental amount. Or, if you have already selected the property to settle down in Bangalore, you must aware of the rental laws in Bangalore and also it is important to know your rights as a renter.


    The laws for tenants in Bangalore says that he must: -

    • Pay rent on the due date without any failure.
    • Follow the rules of the house decided by the landlord and have mentioned it in the rent agreement.
    • Not damage the property.
    • Register the tenancy agreement.
    • Give one month prior notice to the landlord to vacant the property.

    As the landlord has certain rights, the tenants have it as well. And you must know your rights as a tenant if you are planning to live in a rental house in Bangalore.


    Habitation Right at Home

    It is your right to get a habitable home. In most cases the landlord does not live in the same property thus, there is lack of maintenance. It is the responsibility of the landlord to keep the property well-maintained and managed and tenants’ right to get a property, which is clean and safe enough to live in.


    Tenants’ Privacy

    Your right is to get full privacy in the rental property. Though it is the right of the landlord to visit anytime at the premises but, not without any prior notice. He is not allowed to disrupt your privacy.


    Eviction Issues

    Your landlord has the right to evict you but at the same time you have the full right to oppose this if you haven’t committed any crime or not feeling guilty. But, the landlord cannot evict you immediately, he will give you a notice and a few days to make another arrangements for yourself.


    Right to Terminate the Lease

    A rental agreement terminate itself after 11 months but, during the tenancy period, the tenant is allowed to terminate the agreement if he is facing any kind of problems in the premises.


    Before moving in Bangalore and start living in a rental house in Bangalore, you must know these rights of yours as a tenant/renter. And if you have already done your research work then it’s the time to book a reliable Best packers and movers in Bangaloreto relocate goods safely and smoothly.