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  • I've been recommending New York Mouth for gifts lately. It's indie cheap rs gold food and everything I've tried has been good and the people I gifted it to we're pretty excited. There are gift baskets, but I just picked out stuff I thought they would like. It came nicely packaged in a tote and also included a free issue of Edible Brooklyn magazine. Which isn't that helpful for her, but it brings me to my other suggestion that you could get a subscription to Edible Seattle and/or the cookbook (though you said she's busy). Or, you can poke around their site, it has event listings (maybe you could get her a ticket) and a dining guide (to help choose a restaurant if you go that route).


    They are based upon the notion that we have to earn the love we long for, that love is not our birthright. But deeper than all of that, these questions arise from not realizing that the very first step we must take in finding the Perfect Person is making friends with, accepting and knowing who we really are. In seeking our Perfect Person there are many discoveries to be made. One is that many of us keep this perfect person, or true love away. If we search within ourselves we realize that being with someone we feel is perfect makes us even more painfully aware of our own imagined inadequacies.

    My iPhone 5s is doing odd things that tell me it's nearing the end of its lifespan so I'm looking to buy a new (not used or refurbished) unlocked iPhone 7. No need for a payment plan, but also no need for a contract with a particular carrier because I'm a Ting customer. I realize iPhones aren't discounted per se, but I've heard they are often sold with a retailer gift card as a sweetener. How do I score a deal like that? Or am I out of luck because I need an unlocked phone?

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