Animal Crossing Bells you to find him buried

  • We all know that Gulliver, drunken sailor, and occasionally wash your shore, asking Animal Crossing Bells you to find him buried communicator. New Horizons did not specify his drunk, but I have to say - he's landed his ship, the sailors need a pickup call. What other reason could it be?

    Gilliver is your ticket, gold shovel and rusty parts communication, and he will help him in his every visit once a week to give you a gift. But now there is a new horizon has been added for the summer July 3 new updated version of Gulliver.

    His name is Gullivarrr, and you probably have guessed, he was Geliefohai Pirates cousin. He was like Gulliver, he was on the shore, wash once a week, but he has a distinct theme to the pirates. Please note that students have gone two X from the cross, because the merchant navy cross, but X marks the Buy Animal Crossing Bells spot on pirate treasure map.