Convenient Pointing 50mW Green Dot Laser Module

  • In any working occasion where users are trying to make extremely clear and accurate dot projection at much long work distance, not simply relying on manual dot projecting works, it is quite efficient solution to make use of 50mW green dot laser module. After efficient use of advanced 532nm green DPSS laser tech and qualified optic lens, it is keeping work with high transmittance green laser light emission and quite low laser beam divergence. When green dot laser gets easy use of external DC power supply and proper adjustment to correct position, it just makes the most satisfied dot positioning result at great distance and high lighting working occasions effectively.
    Whenever 50mW green dot laser module employs the most qualified glass coated lens, not the same as formally used plastic coated lens, it makes sure of high transmittance green laser light emission, without any appearance of laser light dim in continuous use. Among all kinds of visible laser devices, it keeps working with the lowest laser beam divergence of less than 1mard and special laser beam mode of TEM00. Especially in occasion of highly clear dot alignment at great distance, it keeps high accuracy dot positioning result expect sunlight working occasion.
    In special dot alignment works, such as military targeting, laser medical therapy or other high tech dot aligning works, 50mW green dot laser alignment adopts high duration aircraft used aluminum alloy housing tube. In addition, according to its larger size tube diameter design of 26mm, after enough space leaving for metal heat sink cooling system and APC driving circuit board, this green laser alignment achieves superior nice thermal conductivity and stable performance under multiple working environments. Under constant increasing temperature and serious electric current impact, only if the real green laser dot alignment is processing within 8 to 10 hours per day, it just achieves excellent laser light cycling use and extremely long lifetime in continuous use.
    Any time 50mW green dot laser module is working for continuous dot projection onto various targeting surfaces, it is just used as an accessory part. The genuine use of laser alignment mounting bracket enables freely installed distance of 3 meters, which is making no barrier and no mistake dot projection within the maximum work distance of 25 meters. Every time the most powerful green laser radiation and thermal energy are generating from laser beam aperture, it is a key issue to wear proper 532nm wavelength preventing laser safety glasses and avoid eye exposure until achieving highly secured and quick response dot alignment constantly.