Whistleblower and former Maplestory Items


    Whistleblower and former Moscow lab chief Grigory Rodchenkov has Maplestory Items given new evidenceIf the Schmid Commission, which is tasked with investigating whether there was a conspiracy and whether it involved the Russian government, does not give due weight to Rodchenkov’s supplementary evidence in any public findings, it is believed he will make his most recent affidavit public.


    It is understood a number of independent witness have corroborated Rodchenkov’s allegations in separate testimonies. Rodchenkov has previously detailed how Russian government security agents, the FSB, were trained to open dirty urine samples of Russian athletes and replace them with clean urine at the Sochi Games.


    He said lab officials contaminated dirty samples with salt to render findings useless, all of which was done by using a secret hatch in the official anti-doping lab at the Sochi Olympics in Russia, where the home nation topped the medals table and as WADA observers looked on in an attempt to buy Maplestory Mesos ensure fair play.