FIFA's infrastructure was compromised

  • FIFA's infrastructure was compromised," FIFA said on Monday, confirming the letter from the FIFA Mobile Coins English governing body. "Such investigation is still ongoing. For the purposes of computer security in general, FIFA is itself relying on expert advice from third parties."It is for this reason that FIFA cannot and does not provide any computer security advice to third parties.


    "Asked about concerns about cyberattacks at the FIFA tournament next year, 2018 World Cup organizers said they "would need to check with our IT Department."Even before the Fancy Bears hack, England was enhancing its IT systems to counter cyberattacks in light of concerns about Russian hackers, said the person with knowledge of the FA's planning. Firewalls have also been strengthened and stronger encryption used on passwords, the person said.


    Paris Saint-Germain have announced last night that they have released one of their star FIFA players from his contract.Danish FIFA player August 'Agge' Rosenmeier is one of the biggest names in FIFA. He as the FIFA World Cup champion in 2014 and also won the Legia eSports Cup in 2015.Yet this year he has struggled. He hasn't won any major tournaments and didn't even qualify for the FIFA Interactive.


    World Cup, the biggest FIFA tournament of the year with a prize of £156,000 for the winner. Agge was a star FIFA player for PSG but after a disappointing year he has now been releasedIt appeared that the Cheap FIFA Coins pressure of playing for PSG was too much for Agge. He has always been renowned for his impressive defense yet he was eliminated from the FIFA Interactive Club World Cup at the hands of a Brondby's Marcus 'ExpectSporting' Joregensen with a heavy 5-0 loss in the first leg.