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  • Summoning is one of the most expensive and time consuming skills to train in RuneScape. One small osrs gold Summoning obelisk may be active, and this will be both sparkling and have the NPC Pikkenmix next to it. For a clue to which obelisk is currently active, speak to Pikkupstix in Taverley (or alternatively he can be contacted using the Lunar Spell NPC Contact),

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    who will give a clue to which obelisk, if any, is the active one. Obelisks remain active for about twenty minutes, and a new one activates roughly every three hours. Given how infrequently obelisks are active in any given world, it's suggested to hop worlds until a world with an active obelisk is found.

    When Pikkupstix is asked where Pikkenmix is, he will either give a clue to the location or, if there is no active obelisk, say "I expect off somewhere relaxing. He's been quite busy lately."Credit: JagexOnce the obelisk is entered, the player will be transferred to the Spirit Plane as a familiar. Whilst there,

    they can collect raw shards, whilst avoiding hostile familiars. Passing too close to a hostile familiar will drain your mental focus. The more time spent on the plane, the more types of familiars become hostile. For the increased charms, every charm dropped by a monster will be tripled. The effect will last for 40 seconds for every shard collected.

    Such discounted tickets usually work in the orchestra, rear mezzanine, and rear balcony, and have to be bought in person, showing the relevant identity card.There are two different ingredients in the box, both noted, and the items in the box vary by both the number of shards collected, and the Summoning level of the player.

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