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  • \nWith a short list of models, it is REALLY important that you view each of them. Indeed, make sure cheap rs gold you view them when they are showing the sort of program material that you will be watching. When you have seen them, you will be in a good position to decide which one is the best image. Don't worry about opinions of other people: The best television for you is the one that you most enjoy watching. There is no point getting a model that others recommend if you don't like the image.\n.

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    \nAs far as reliability is concerned, most of the major manufacturers produce good quality and well engineered products. Generally, there won't be a reliability problem with any of the better known makes. (MORE) compare it to the features offered by each model and eliminate the models that don't have the features you need.\n.

    Are there any new innovations that will make even larger and better LCD's or Plasma's TV's possible?Technology is improving constantly. The next generation of screens will be led then oled based. Oleds are o rganic l ight e mitting d iodes. Production techniques (after the initial problems have been ironed out) will mean large and irregular surfaces can be used to display images.Oled technology is in its infancy. There are a few models available (sony has a small expensive consumer unit out now). (MORE)

    What is better sony TV or Samsung TV?Well. I cant say Sony. Their 2007 2008 LCD TVs are recalled because they may melt by overheating and catch fire. (MORE)Are lg LCD tv's better than Samsung LCD tv's?It really comes down to the size of LCD TV you are looking at. Different sizes of LCD TVs offer different features.

    It is important to compare each feature. After doing so you will have a better understanding of which LCD TV you like. You have to compare apples to apples. Then compare. Also, my Mother has a samsung, I have LG. There both same size and same specs for the most part, However; I personally think the samsung has a much better sound,

    and the LG has a little better picture but not that much better. I hear that Samsung is the best. I do love my LG, i like the look of it better, i got the surround sound system to compensate for the lower sound quality of the LG. I guess in the end it comes down to which will be most reliable. So far, no trouble with either and there both about a yr old.

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