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  • How come the "suggested retail price" in the latest Activision release schedule I have here in the Screen Play bunker (Activision runescape 3 gold distribute Capcom titles in Australia) has Devil May Cry 4 on 360 for $99.95 yet the PS3 version at $109.95?Might we dare to suggest that Capcom believes PS3 owners have already demonstrated an aptitude to paying through the nose for their hardware, and hope they will do the same with software?

    One of the many newspaper features I would like to write if I had the time would be entitled something like "Little Known Treasures": a compilation of all the fantastic games that didn't get anywhere near the sales or attention they deserved.2001's Rez for Dreamcast and PlayStation 2 would be one of the first games on the list.

    However, hopefully it soon won't quality, as the wonders of digital distribution will present punters with another chance to discover Tetsuya Mizuguchi's genius when Rez lobs on Xbox Live Arcade later today.Rez was one of the last great Dreamcast games and one of the first titles released by a newly platform agnostic Sega on the PS2, but its sales did not reflect the widespread critical adulation it deservedly garnered.

    Screen Play visited Sega's famous AM2 division in 2001 for a media tour, and Rez managed to outshine even Virtua Fighter 4 in Sega's upcoming line up. I wrote at the time: "to describe it as original is something of an understatement, for it is truly a unique experience, a synergy of sight and sound".

    Tetsuya Mizuguchi was President and CEO of United Game Artists, and best known for his leading role in creating arcade racing games Sega Rally, Sega Rally 2 and Manx TT. Today Mizuguchi is most known for the puzzle games Lumines, Meteos and Every Extend Extra from his company Q Entertainment, founded in 2003.

    "We consider ourselves as game artists," Mizuguchi told Screen Play in 2001. "We want to make really interesting games and our vision is maybe five or ten years ahead.Rez was created by United Game Artists at a time when Sega's 11 divisions were more like independent developers, with satellite offices fostering creativity and offering much more relaxed working conditions than typical in Japanese studios.

    "Interactive games are seen as a fun, positive entertainment choice for the majority of Australians," says Chris Hanlon, CEO of the IEAA. "The research confirms that gaming is increasingly popular across all ages."The study debunks the myth that gaming is an anti social past time. Only one in five players say they prefer to play games alone, and only 8 per cent never play with others. 56 per cent of gamers play with others in the same room.

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