Does Artificial intelligence Play Helping Hand Diagnosing Disea

  • Following Article is written by Eva Jacob. She is an editor from NursingEssays.CO.UK

    It is an research based account on to describe the possibilities you have in Medical Healthcare industries for diagnosing diseases with Artificial Intelligence

     It's kind of a weird and unfortunate that living in the age of Hi-technology and Artificial Intelligence things even becomes quite helpful that application of Artificial Intelligence can be considered as an effective tool for diagnosing disease. Studies have suggested that 87% time usage of deep learning algorithmic methodologies applied on patience comes with successful and encouraging results while diagnostic effectiveness scaling deep learning algorithms with healthcare experts. (Disclaimer! It’s to be mentioned that AI is not an alternated option for Human but as an helping hand) A survey and study conducted by the team under the supervision by professor Denniston using medical data and statistics got published from January 2012 to 2019 Within those handful of high-quality studies, Professor Alastair Denniston from University Hospitals Birmingham came to conclude that deep learning could have indeed detected diseases ranging from cancers to eye diseases as just good as health professionals," said by Denniston”