Computer Tape Librarian Job Description

  • Computer Tape Librarian Job Description

    Classifies, catalogs, and maintains a library of computer tapes: Classifies reels and cartridges of magnetic computer tape according to content, purpose, principal user, date generated, or other criteria.

    2) Assigns identification number, following the standard system.

    3) Prepares catalog of tapes classified, using logbook and computer.

    4) Stores tapes according to classification and identification number.

    5) Issues tapes and maintains charge-out records.

    6) Inspects returned tapes and notifies supervisor when tapes are worn or damaged.

    7) Removes obsolete tapes from the library, following data retention requirements.

    8) May send tapes to the vendor for cleaning and to an off-site location for secure storage.

    9) May maintain files of program developmental records and operating instructions.

    10) May work in computer room operations, performing tasks such as loading and removing paper and printouts and reels of tape.

    Freelance Computer Tape Librarian