• Killer SEO Tactics to Increase the Ranking
    I believe SEO should be done for each and every website. It shouldn’t be done only for the motive of ranking but also to provide useful information to the users so that they can stay on the website for a longer run.
    Few tips & tricks that will help your website to rank quickly.
    •    Post 100% unique content on your website
    •    No ads & pop-ups on the first fold of the page
    •    Add keywords in the titles, description and the content
    •    Use long tail & LSI keywords

    If you have a web page, it is VERY important that it appears among the first results of the search engines . Because, being clear, if not, it's as if it did not exist. And we do not want that, right? This is why it is essential to keep abreast of the latest trends, developments, developments ... of the world of organic positioning .

    As there is very little left for the year to end, I think the time has come to analyze what the 2018 SEO has in store for us. Our predictions may or may not be fulfilled. Seeing how quickly everything is the same we find ourselves in 2018 struggling to position our website in the search results of augmented reality devices ...

    Apart from this, here is the list of the website from where I’ve got the backlinks. Have a look at it.