fix Slow Printing Problem and Speed Issues on Lexmark Printer

  • Lexmark printers are great to use except when they encounter speed issues while printing. Who wants to wait when there is so much to get printed? There are several factors which lead to slow printing and can reduce the speed over time. It is important to get the issue resolved as soon as you start noticing it. For all such issues, you can directly call at the Lexmark technical support number. You can also apply some problem-solving tricks on your own if you have a little technical base.

    To resolve the slow printing and speed issues for Lexmark printer, follow the given steps:

    • Free some space of your hard drive as the overfilled hard drive can also affect the printing speed of your printer. To do this open ‘My Computer’ and check the available space from ‘Properties’. If required, clear the caches, cookies, junk and temporary files from your computer.

    • Try printing in normal or draft mode as it can also improve the printing speed to some extent. Also, make sure to choose plain paper for printing.

    • Try resetting the printer for speed issues. Disconnect the power cord from the printer and reconnect it after some time. Now restart all the devices and check if the printing speed has improved.

    • Download the latest print driver for your Lexmark printer by visiting the official website. For this first, uninstall the print driver from your system and then reinstall the latest version by following the instructions given to you.

    • If you are using the wireless network for your printer, then the signal strength should be adequate. Improper internet connection can also slow down the printing speed.

    • Remove the color cartridges from your printer if you are currently using only black ink for printing as it can improve the printing speed.

    • Close all the other running programs on your computer and only printing task should be kept open.

    Following all these tips might improve the speed issues with your Lexmark printer. If you are still not able to achieve a better printing speed, then contact the Lexmark customer service number where the technicians will help you in resolving the issues. The technical team here is professionally trained for all the Lexmark printer issues and can definitely help you with the speed and performance issues. There is no need to search for troubleshooting methods when a quick technical support is always at your service.