The next event is a called Bizarre Balloon Bonanza

  • The next event is a called Bizarre Balloon Bonanza, and because the title suggests, it’s about balloons. Nexon thinks which everybody should have balloons at party big like this one. To start off, you’ll ought to MapleStory 2 Mesos for sale take about the quest ‘[12th Anniversary] Bizarre Balloon Bonanza’ from your event notifier located around the left side of your respective screen.

    From there, you may go on to hunt monsters that happen to be 10 levels below or 20 levels above, who'll drop Weird Helium Gas which you are going to use in order to refill three different monster-shaped balloons. Each of these balloons offers you a special reward. Keep collecting these until the end from the anniversary to acheive very special rewards for example accessories, 12th Anniversary Coins, plus a Wild Bean Balloon Mount.

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