Thieves On World of Warcraft Should Be Punished Like Real Llife

  • Gamers who steal virtual belongings in online games, including swords and wizard robes, ought to be punished within the same was as 'real-life' thieves, an MP has suggested. Mike Weatherley, MP for RuneScape Gold Hove, East Sussex, and Prime Minister David Cameron’s chief adviser on intellectual property, submit the idea in Parliament on Wednesday.

    He asked Mike Penning, the Minister of State for Justice, to take forward legislative proposals which might see cyber criminals who steal online items that has a real-world monetary value obtain the same sentence as offline criminals.

    Mr Weatherley is one from the 7.six million people worldwide opted in for play the hugely popular World of Warcraft, a so-called massively multiplayer online role-playing game, or MMORPG. Other popular MMORPGs include Runescape, Guild Wars, and League of Legends. at