Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.5 Adds New Quests, Treasures Hunts, a

  • The collector's edition may also feature an art form book, a collection of cards, as well as a soundtrack CD.

    PlayStation 3 players is able to Buy FFXIV Gil transfer towards the PlayStation 4 version with the game at no cost, nevertheless the procedure is one-way: players won't be able to rewind.

    Square Enix also announced a beta with the PlayStation 4 version will become on February 22.For more information on the experience, look into GameSpot's review from the PC version.

    This was revealed during FFXIV's latest Letter From the Producer livestream. On the MMO's side, FFXIV players should be able to get their hands on special weapons created to resemble various Yo-Kai (the Pokemon-esque creatures from Level-5's franchise). There may also be a different mount modeled after Whisper (the ghost-looking Yo-Kai) and Yo-Kai minions to get. This is all expected out sometime august.At