Grinding Gear Games announces ExileCon's Path of Exile

  • Grinding Gear Games announced that they would host their conferences for fans of the Path of Exile, and the foreseeable name is ExileCon. It will be the first meeting of fans of the Path of Exile and will hold on November 16th and 17th, 2019.

    ExileCon will follow the usual standards of previous game-themed routines and promise to celebrate the "path of exile," some of which will be "shocking" announcements and trailers. It may be more free exile road content from tireless developers, but the real "shocking" will be the announcement of the sequel. The preview and presentation of the report will also show in conjunction with the competition and conversations of the Grinding Gear Games developers.

    As we said before, the conference will hold for two days, and the venue will be the Aotea Centre in Auckland, New Zealand. There will be three floors of tickets - regular, VIP and "Super VIP," the last of which will include barbecues with Chris Wilson, Jonathan Rodgers, and Erik Olofsson. Although VIP and ultra-VIP tickets cost as much as $500 and $1,000, they were sold out at the time of writing, proving the popularity of exile route developers in New Zealand. It can see from the extent to which players Buy POE Currency.

    Large-scale popularity growth of high-priced tickets like the hot cake and the Path of Exile may have occurred in part because Grinding Gear Games did not ask their fans if they still have a cell phone. Speaking of this growth, the announcement also sparked some growth information, saying that Xbox One and China have released more than the Path of Exile community and currently have 188.970 concurrent players.

    Grinding Gear Games didn't talk about whether to organize further ExileCons, but considering that most of the tickets were not available for a few hours after the announcement, we are likely to see another one in 2020. Then we can enjoy the road of exile before the next arrival! If the player needs to know more content or wants to buy cost-effective POE Items, I think you can click MMOAH. Their website will have the latest information about the game, as well as the most significant discount for POE Trade!