How Path of Exile becomes an indie game and plays better Diablo

  • Since its release in October 2013, Path of Exile has become a very popular action RPG. We look at the story of the game, and many now think it is "a better Diablo."

    On October 23, 2019, the Path of Exile celebrated its sixth anniversary. For six years, Action RPG has made players feel satisfied. Major updates are released each year, new seasons are released, and upgrades are planned for future versions 4.0, which will make Hack'n Slay almost a Path of Exile 2.

    Path of Exile is planned as an in-depth action role-playing game that will help you through. However, it should be convinced by a fast and dynamic battle. So it started: In January 2013, the RPG beta test began. On October 23, it was officially released. From the beginning, it turns out that a very dedicated team is behind the scenes of the game, their heart is in the right place. Path of Exile appears as a Free2Play game for PCs. POE Currency and cosmetics can be purchased through micro-transactions. Players find the system fair and are happy to support developers through a purchase in the store.

    Path of Exile is updated every year and these updates are based in particular on player feedback. This shows that developers work closely with the community. This is one of the reasons why Path of Exile is so popular. The player's opinion will not be ignored but will be heard. As a result, Grinding Gear Games announced in September 2014 that the Path of Exile now has more than 7 million players. Updates are usually accompanied by the beginning of the so-called "alliance." Usually, these leagues are well received. Several times a year, these challenges have brought new challenges to players.

    As a result, the Path of Exile is up to date and players can get new content regularly at short intervals. Developers are adding interesting ideas to Hack'n Slay to keep the community consistent. Even if there is a problem, the team will respond and help. For example, for a while, the melee fighters in "Path of Exile" didn't work, but the team solved the problem. The update "Lionion" appeared on June 7, 2019, and brought the long-awaited melee version. Players like the update, and there is a greater demand for POE Exalted Orb.

    All of this suggests that developers are responding to fan criticism and feedback to improve Path of Exile based on the community and provide new content regularly. This is an important factor that has a major impact on the success of the action RPG.

    At the same time, not only the Xbox One version of the game but also the Path of Exile can be played on the Playstation 4. "Grinding Gear Games" now also adds console players, which expands the range of action RPGs.