Xbox Live Free Game Day: Elder Scrolls online for free for a wh

  • If you want to increase the percentage of completion through the Elder Scrolls online achievements list, this weekend will give you another free opportunity. Xbox Live Free Play Days will offer free games throughout the week. The game is already in use in the Xbox Game Pass console, but if you're just an Xbox Live Gold subscriber, you can now experience Elder Scrolls Online for free online. It's just that Buy ESO Gold in the game still requires players to make purchases based on their choices.

    The fantasy role-playing series "The Elder Scrolls" was launched. You can embark on Tamriel's mission and engage in large-scale player-to-player battles. Experience this multiplayer role-playing game alone or with your friends, guild companions and thousands of affiliates. In the Elder Scrolls World: Tamriel Unlimited World, you are free to choose.

    You are unlikely to greatly improve Gamerscore from Elder Scrolls Online. Some of the simplest accomplishments that can be done with little time and effort are only worth 5G. However, if you are always looking for a new MMO and are always curious about ESO, why not check it this week? The game continues to receive new DLCs (all with new achievements) as well as regular gameplay and performance improvement updates. The 16th DLC, "Dragon Valley" was released on November 5th, adding 24 new adventures and two "Dragon Valley" achievements to the game. Players will travel to South Ellisville to restore the ancient dragon guard order and help Sasakhan to stop the threat of the dragon.

    The Elder Scrolls Free Event Day event will be broadcast live on Wednesday, November 13th at 3 PM GMT /10 AM ET /7 AM PT. If you have played ESO in the last freeroll, you can continue to take risks. All new ESO accounts created will also receive 500 ESO Gold For Sale rewards, which can be consumed in in-game stores. If you decide to purchase a game during the free trial, all progress will be retained.