How to have business dealings with other players in Path of Ex

  • In Path of Exile, POE Currency transactions with other players are outside the game. Almost every loot you find in an adventure can be traded, and if you know what to look for, then you can make money with this. Here's how to trade with other players in Path of Exile.

    If you're just starting to play games, a lot of what makes Path of Exile amazing is its complex barter economy. For example, unlike Diablo III, you don't have a single currency for buying gold from NPC vendors or other players. Instead, Path of Exile transactions is completed in multiple currencies, which can also be used as twice as production resources. When you sell the loot to the seller, they will also pay you in these currencies. I believe that soon you will master these.

    Unlike other online RPGs, Path of Exile does not have any in-game infrastructure to facilitate transactions with other players. There are no auction houses to browse through, so the only way to trade is to find someone in person and trade with them manually. This is a very standard interface where you can drag items from inventory into the transaction window, which requires participants from both parties to agree before the transaction is completed.

    To find out what other players are offering, use Built into the Path of Exile website, the tool lets you search for items that other players have marked for sale.

    Here is a brief overview of how this process works:

        Use to find the products you are interested in.
        Click the "Whisper" button next to the seller's name.
        This will copy a string of text, which you can then paste into the chat window in the game to automatically send a message to the player telling you that you want to purchase the POE Trade or POE Orbs.
        Assuming the player is online, they will send you a message and usually invite you to enter their hideout to trade.
        Make sure you bring the currency with you to your inventory.
        In their hideout, complete the transaction.