Grinding Gear Games shares behind-the-scenes updates on Path of

  • The team behind Path of Exile shares what's happening behind the scenes.

    The team covers a lot of content, including deductions, monster damange, passing content in Delirium, ending the Delirium key bindings, POE Currency rewards, Awakener battles, visibility, improving the visual effects of Delirium monsters, monster death effects, performance, issues and Depth gauge.

    For example, regarding performance issues, the team identified some regressions in the 3.10.0 update,

     "First of all, some shaders were not collected in our internal processes. Many issues have been fixed in 3.10.0c, which will be improved in future patches. (The awakener also encountered the same problem, and we will fix it as soon as possible .) The second problem is that as more CPU cores are used in version 3.10, the graphics driver is overloaded by shader uploads. We hope to fix this within a few business days. "

    To address this, the team recommends enabling Shader Cache in Nvidia or AMD control panels, respectively. If you missed it, check out the interview with Managing Director Chris Wilson, all about Delirium. This interview has a record on the IGGM official website. You can visit and view it. Of course, if you want to buy a cheap and safe POE Trade Currency, I think you can also buy it on their website. After all, it is a professional website that has been operating for many years. On some minor issues, Will not make you feel uncomfortable.