The Harmony Between the Digestive and Excretory System

  • The digestive system and the excretory system of the human bodyplay important roles that support health. These systems maintain the complete physical conditions of the body.

    Dealing with gas issues

    Gas is the usual outcome of the consumed food products. The gas comes out either through the anus (flatulence) or through the mouth (burping). The GasSTOP product from Renew Life ensures better digestion forgas-forming foods, like beans.  The product helps to treat bloating, pressure, and occasional gas. The Renew Life GasSTOP product offers plant enzymes and fennel seed extracts in vegetarian capsules. The product also contains traces of soy and wheat that come from the fermentation process.The fennel seeds help to ease the digestive tract.

    The need to maintain bowel conditions

    The lower portion of the digestive system is known as the bowel. It begins from the stomach to the anus or back passage. The bowel is a hollow tube made from muscles. The bowels break down solid food to extract the nutrients. The Intestinal Bowel Support from Renew Life delivers amino acids and herbs. The product offers support to the intestinal lining of the digestive tract. The Renew Life Intestinal Bowel Support can treat irritation in the colon and intestinal tract. The product also helps to deal with spasms and cramping.

    The importance of kidney care

    The kidneys are the natural filtration system of the body. They help to filter out the toxic substances, waste materials, and the medications from the inside. Kidneys also contribute to the development of red blood cells and hormones. The Renew Life Kidney Cleanse Kit consists of demulcent, antilithic, diuretic, and antibacterial properties. The product suppresses and reduces urinary stones, increases toxin elimination through urinary system secretions. The Kidney Cleanse product from Renew Life helps to cure inflammation that comes from within. The product provides minerals to support the alkalinity of the urinary tract.

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