NBA 2K16 Court Experience

  • Any question I could have possible asked about being an NBA star is answered here, and not just if I wanted to be a player. I can be a GM and learn how to effectively manage a team while juggling Lebron knows how many things at once. 
    If I decide to have greater delusions of grandeur I can run the entire league, setting rules as I see fit and deciding which trades can go through and which ones can't (sorry again Chris Paul). Best of all, actually playing on the court feels better than ever before. NBA 2K16 mt coins may be the most fun I've had with a basketball game in a long time.
    Defensively though, it’s a different story and you’ll no doubt find it tricky to do much to stop your opponent racking up the points. Much of my players’ time was spent flailing their arms about in an attempt to get the ball and I found it all too easy to concede fouls…which may help to explain some of the embarrassing results I suffered. 
    NBA2K16Store has certainly gone collaboration crazy with this year’s edition. From Shaq providing insight from the TV studio and real players lending their vocal talents as mentors in the MyCareer mode, to Pharrell Williams co-ordinating the soundtrack. So much so in fact, that a momentary outage booted us out of a MyCareer game, which is beyond annoying. In addition, the visuals don't have the same wow factor like past entries in the series. It still looks quite good and Visual Concept's ability to capture the likeness of NBA superstars is unparalleled, but there are spots where the quality dips.